Braxx Racing on hunt for success in EuroNASCAR Esports Series with strong line-up

Belgian team set to appear with no less than four drivers on the grid of the EuroNASCAR Esports championship.

The EuroNASAR Esports Series will kick off tomorrow with their first race on the Road Course of Daytona International Speedway. Dutch Nascar Fans presents the teams from the Low Lands in the run-up to the first event with today the Belgian team from Reet: Braxx Racing.

With an entry list of a whopping 60+ drivers for the Esports Series, the opening race promises to be a true spectacle. No fewer than four of these drivers will race under the flag of the iconic racing team of Braxx Racing. The line-up of the team, which will be on the grid full-time with two cars in the NWES championship, consists of young talent, experienced drivers and even a team mechanic.

Scott Jeffs will be behind the wheel of the #90 Chevrolet Camaro. Digital racing is still new for the 22-year-old Briton, who will also compete full-time for Braxx Racing in NWES this year. He already participated several times in online races in recent weeks to prepare himself well. “Of course it is a pity that we can’t race at the moment. That is why the Eseries is a great way to have fun again with the other drivers in a relatively competitive environment”, says Jeffs. “It also provides a form of entertainment for the fans in which they can support their favourite drivers in the virtual world. However, I do think it’s important to remember that this is simply a replacement and that a driver’s performance on iRacing doesn’t reflect their abilities in a real car, which is why we have to remember that this should be just for fun, but may the best sim racer win!”

Name: Scott Jeffs
Nationality: British
Age: 22
Car: #90 Chevrolet Camaro
Personal sponsors: MJ Tec  en Braxx Racing

In the second Braxx Racing car we find Sven van Laere, a newcomer to the team. The 46-year-old Belgian will also compete in NWES for the Belgian squad this year and is set to share a car with Marc Goossens. Van Laere, entrepreneur and CEO of Anecars, will participate in the virtual challenge that the Esports Series offers in the #91 Chevrolet Camaro, featuring the colours and sponsorship of his company. “It’s great that in this time in which we unfortunately can’t get out on track, racing is still a possibility with the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.”

Name: Sven van Laere
Nationality: Belgian
Age: 46
Car: #91 Chevrolet Camaro
Personal sponsor: Anecars

The third driver to compete for the team has a very special story. Normally Bryan Crauwels is the mechanic of the #78 Ford Mustang, but he will get behind the wheel himself for the Esports Series. And the competition has been warned for this 20-year-old Belgian. He scored highly with his performances during online races in recent weeks. “I think the Esports Series is a wonderful idea from EuroNASCAR, especially in this time when we are unfortunately tied to home. I am really looking forward to the start of the virtual season to compete against the other drivers and show them I’ve got the right stuff.”

Name: Bryan Crauwels
Nationality: Belgian
Age: 20
Car: #378 Ford Mustang
Personal sponsors: Ivar, Braxx Racing




And last but not least is a well-known member of the Braxx Racing team: Alex Sedgwick. The 21-year-old Briton already competed a full season in NWES for Braxx Racing in 2018. Sedgwick will get behind the wheel of the #78 Ford Mustang, sporting the livery of Braxx Performance’s signature colours. “I am really looking forward to be on the grid in the EuroNASCAR Eseries championship. It is wonderful that they offer us the opportunity to remain competitive and sharp at this time.” It will be busy times for the Briton in the upcoming period. In addition to the Esports Series, he is also busy hosting his own iRacing competition.

Name: Alex Sedgwick
Nationality: British
Age: 21
Car: #78 Ford Mustang
Personal sponsors: Braxx Performance, Vertex Sports Management

The first EuroNASCAR Esports Series event will take place on Tuesday April 21 at 8:00PM CET with live streams on the Dutch Nascar Fans LIVE Facebook page and the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel.

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