PK Carsport with Alon Day and Stienes Longin on hunt for EuroNASCAR Esports Series title

Beside the two regular drivers, team members could possibly make guest appearances in several races.

There is less than one week to go before the 2020 EuroNASCAR season kicks off. Not as usual on the Spanish Circuit Ricardo Tormo, but from the simulators in living rooms and garages of NWES drivers. In the run-up to the first event on April 21, Dutch Nascar Fans will present the teams from the Low Lands with today the PK Carsport team from Belgium.

The same goes for the Belgian PK Carsport team as for the other motorsport teams: wait until the green light is given that racing on real tracks is allowed to resume; until then make the best of opportunities that come along, like the EuroNASCAR Esports Series.

Team manager Anthony Kumpen is not familiar with iRacing. “Simulators weren’t yet very popular in my time. I do think it has advantages, for example to learn a track better before a race”, Kumpen explains. “However, I don’t think you can say that someone who is good at iRacing is automatically good at racing in real life or vice versa. I also think ‘home’ simulators are not yet realistic enough and if you go to a realistic top-of-the-range simulator, you’re already talking about large budgets. There are certainly some differences, but nevertheless it is useful and it will help a bit and I’m curious to see what the Esports Series will bring.”

PK Carsport also has a title candidate in-house with two-time NWES champion Alon Day within their Esports team. The 27-year-old Israeli is certainly no stranger to the iRacing world in which he has been making waves for years under the name ‘Brandon D James’. “During those weird and hard times with COVID-19, it is a small bright light that we get from NWES and iRacing that create an Esports championship. It is beautiful to see how in those times drivers unite together to keep the racing spirit alive. I’m sure this championship will be very hard, as so many drivers start practicing hard everyday, but I will give my absolute best to bring the Monster Energy car to the top and show that – even in virtual life – PK Carsport will be on top, as in real life.”

Name: Alon Day
Nationality: Israeli
Age: 27
Car: #24 Chevrolet Camaro
Personal sponsor: Monster Energy


The virtual racing world is entirely new for the second driver of the PK Carsport Esports team, but this does not mean we should not take Stienes Longin into account. On the contrary. He will do everything in his power to show off his #11 Chevrolet Camaro in the Projob colors. “I think this is the best possible thing we can do that is closest to the real thing”, says the 28-year-old Belgian. “However, it remains just a game for me. There are many similarities, but the real work is just a bit nicer. I personally look forward to the moment, when I can get back behind the wheel of the real thing!”

Name: Stienes Longin
Nationality: Belgian
Age: 28
Car: #11 Chevrolet Camaro
Personal sponsors: Projob, Peetermans, Jost Group, EMT, MEDECLINIC, CARCONNEX

Beside these two regular drivers, other members of the PK Carsport team may also make a guest appearance in a race. For example, Longin’s crew chief Bavo Follon already took part in a virtual NASCAR race at Road America last week. And not entirely without merit. He managed to finish in third place in the #111 Projob Chevrolet Camaro in an exciting race.

The first EuroNASCAR Esports Series event will take place on Tuesday April 21 at 8:00PM CET with live streams on the Dutch Nascar Fans LIVE Facebook page and the EuroNASCAR YouTube channel.

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